Harmony Day is a day to remember and celebrate our diversity but why stop there? Here are some simple ways to get involved on and beyond 21 March:


Harmony Day is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we’re calling for your thoughts and pics. Here are some tips on how to kick-start conversations about belonging and promote Harmony Day on social media.

  • Share snaps of any multicultural dish you prepare and/or devour with us using #harmonyday
  • Share a #selfie of you and/or your friends/workmates decked out in orange with us using #harmonyday
  • Going to a Harmony Day event? Live tweet and post using #harmonyday so we can keep up with celebrations around the country.

At home with your family

Talk to your kids about your family roots.

  • Show old photographs of family members and/or tell stories of how they came to be in Australia.
  • Point out on a world map the different countries that make up their ancestry.
  • Search online for images or videos of those different countries and cultures (i.e. traditional dances, food, music).
  • Explore the traditional Indigenous owners of your region – find out about their culture online or at your local library.
  • Speak about what belonging and being welcoming, respectful and inclusive mean. For example, the difference between feeling included or not included.

Once you’ve sparked their interest, there are lots of other ways to help reinforce the concept of belonging with your kids.

  • Visit your local library and ask your friendly librarian for book suggestions suitable for your child’s age, on other cultures or by authors who have migrated to Australia.
  • Visit the Harmony Day Stories page and hear stories that are part of Australia’s past, present and future.
  • Got a budding musician or dancer on your hands? Search online for cultural dance or music tutorials.
  • Explore different cultural arts and have an arts and crafts session with your children. A popular one is Indigenous dot painting. You can also visit the event resources page for a ‘Paper chain’ template.
  • There are lots of multicultural kids’ TV programmes – search online to see how your children’s favourite characters are embracing the harmony spirit.

With your friends

Get a group of friends together and head out to an event in your area. You could also:

  • organise regular cultural-themed dinners where each person brings a dish from a country. Share your experiences and recipes of these different dishes. Don’t forget to share your ‘foodselfies’ on our social media sites
  • start a multicultural book club
  • take a cultural dancing or music lessons – for example, belly dancing.

We’d love to hear any other ideas you might have – share them with us.

At work

Harmony Day partner the Scanlon Foundation supports the Taste of Harmony campaign. This campaign helps to celebrate cultural diversity at work. Check out the Scanlon Foundation’s website for some great ideas to get your workplace into the spirit of Harmony Day.

Other cultural events

Along with Harmony Day on 21 March, here are some other events that promote harmony and social cohesion are held around Australia.

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

If you have a key event that celebrates Australia’s diversity and would like it included on our website, please contact us.