Event Harmony Day – Sound Healing Meditation

A blissful journey of Sound Healing with: Crystals singing bowls & Tibetan singing bowls, energy chimes, gong, percussive and air instruments, vocal toning and harmonic singing, a guided meditation and the additional use of Crystals, Essential oils,
The sound healing journey and the guidance will be designed according to the energy of the time, and the group in order to serve your personal and collective needs.
The combination of all the above will impact your being in a positive way, allowing you to find stronger sense of inner peace, clarity, focus, alignment, healing any imbalances and restore an Harmonious state of being.

This is a truly blissful healing experience using the energy of gems,oils,sound and sacred intention.
All of this will heal, harmonies, transform, clear and assist you on your journey.


7:30 - 9 pm


6/219 Balaclava Rd Caulfield North VIC