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Harmony Day is now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for liking, sharing and following our accounts – you’re helping grow the Harmony Day community.

This year, make sure you tell us what belonging really means to you, your friends, family and community. You can share your thoughts on the accounts below using #HarmonyDay #everyonebelongs.

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If you’re not on social media and would still like to share what belonging means to you, feel free to email us at or call on 1800 33 11 00.


Twibbon logo: Start somethingSupport Harmony Day on your Facebook page with our Twibbon!

Using our Twibbon is easy and shows your involvement in Harmony Day on Twitter and Facebook. Our Twibbon overlays the Harmony Day icon onto your profile image, making a visual online statement in support of Harmony Day. Your Twitter account will automatically tweet to let everyone know about your support.

Get your Twibbon today.

Harmony Day Stories app

The Harmony Day App

Instructions: Harmony Day Stories app

So you’d like to explore Harmony Day Stories in augmented reality? Firstly, make sure you download the Harmony Day Stories application for your Apple or Android device from the links below.

Once installed, you are ready to download and print one of our Harmony day Story posters below. These posters contain a hidden marker that activates stories in augmented reality.

Place your poster on a nearby table on the floor. The perfect spot is somewhere where you can move it around and explore the stories.

Open your app and select the ‘Activate Stories’ button. Follow the instructions and when ready select ‘Scan’. Point the camera towards the Harmony Day poster and watch it come to life!

Touch the screen tabs to activate, listen and explore the stories of Renata, Kofi and Anh.

Note: Schools can download lesson plans that are tailored to each of our Harmony Day Story characters and aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Harmony Day Smartphone application

Harmony Day App sample screenshotUse this app to find out how to get involved in Harmony Day.  You can also download a Twibbon or make a Facebook comment about Harmony Day.

Delivering Harmony Day directly to the palm of your hand!

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