Education is a key focus for Harmony Day. The resources that you can link to from this page can be used all year round to help plan activities with your children and students. It is in the schoolyard and classroom, child-care centre and kindergarten that children have, and will learn important lessons of respect and understanding of cultural diversity.

This section will help teachers communicate the importance of cultural diversity – to encourage values and promote participation and provide some fun ways for students to learn.

Resources such as lesson plans and an interactive whiteboard activities page are available for Teachers.

Students can play fun interactive games while they learn.

Plus, download the new Harmony Day Stories app to activate, listen and explore the stories of Renata, Kofi and Anh.

Schools engagement kit

For ideas, tips and templates to help you organise and promote your Harmony Day school or classroom activities, view the Harmony Day schools engagement kit

Educational resources

Do-it-yourself Harmony Day products

Here are some suggestions to make your own Harmony Day products.