Young Australians Talk

What do young Australians have to say about Australia’s cultural diversity?

View the videos below to hear what they have to say and think about how you would answer each question.

Cultural heritage

What is your cultural heritage? How important is your cultural heritage to you?


My Mother is from Vietnam and my father’s from Australia.
I was born in Australia and so are my parents, and so are my grand-parents. But my main cultural background is from England or Ireland.
I was born in Zimbabwe.
The rest of my family is from China, Italy, Ireland.
My family is Indonesian but I was born in Canada.
My Mum’s side of the family is all, you know, the average Australian but my Dads side is Aboriginal.
New Zealand and France.
My heritage is pretty important to me, I mean I don’t look that Aboriginal but, you know, I still like to have that culture behind me.
I was born in Australia, my Mum and Dad were born in Australia, but my family background is from Africa, Italy, England and Scotland.


What advantages does Australia’s diverse population have for Australians?


It’s good to have people from all different backgrounds living here because it makes Australia more interesting and when people from other countries come here you get more involved with the country that they come from.
It’s good for Australia to have different backgrounds because we have different foods, different clothes and different cultures, different minds.
It gets us familiar with all the different types of cultures and helps us accept them as one.
I think its good for Australia to have people from different backgrounds because you get to learn about different places.
Because we can learn many things from other people.
Its good because it makes people get along with those people from different backgrounds.

Everyone belongs

What does it feel like to belong? How do you know when you belong? Do you think Australia makes everyone feel that they belong?


I think Australia makes people think they belong.
You know when you belong because you feel safe, and no matter where you are you know that there’s a place where you can go to and people will like you for who you are.
I think that Australia makes everyone feel like they belong.
I know I belong, because I have many friends at school, Kung Fu and at swimming lessons.
When you belong, its good because you’re able to make new friends and, yeah!

Harmony Day

What does ‘harmony’ mean to you? Why celebrate Harmony Day?


To me Harmony Day means us accepting other cultures within our own.
It’s good because we can learn many things from other people.
Harmony means to me about children get along together.
Harmony means everybody can meet each other and get along well.
It’s good to celebrate Harmony Day because it brings us together as one family
It’s important to celebrate Harmony Day because its a good thing to celebrate people coming together and living in peace.

Celebrating Harmony Day

Help us to celebrate Harmony Day, ‘everyone belongs’.