Early Childhood

Under each subject area you will find a list of lesson ideas and further links to ready-to-go plans and student activities for the classroom.


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  • Lesson Ideas Names around the world: What country does your name come from? Stick your name on a world map showing this. Does your name have a meaning or story?
  • Lesson Ideas Linguists: Find out how many people in your class/school are bilingual or multilingual.
  • Lesson Ideas Roll call: Say ‘good morning/afternoon’ in a different language each week.
  • Lesson Ideas Sing a song: Learn a short song in another language.



  • Lesson Ideas Diverse life: How are animals and plants the same? How are they different?
  • Lesson Ideas Herb garden: Establish a class herb garden. What type of cuisine is each herb associated with? Use the herbs to prepare a dish eg herb bread.
  • Lesson Ideas Animals: What animals have you seen in Australia? How many are native to Australia? Where did the others come from?
  • Lesson Ideas Plants: Investigate the trees and plants in your school. How many are native to Australia? Where did the others come from?



Health and physical education

  • Lesson Ideas Dinner last night: Do a survey of what everyone in your class had for dinner last night. Investigate the origins of all the dishes.
  • Lesson Ideas Food alphabet: Using each letter in the alphabet as a first letter, make a list of foods available in Australia. Find out where each food came from.
  • Lesson Ideas Exercise around the world: Exercise to a range of music from different parts of the world.
  • Lesson Ideas Global games: Investigate the origins of games and sports you enjoy playing. Play games from different cultures.


Values education, civics and citizenship education and religious education