Lower Secondary

Under each subject area you will find a list of lesson ideas and further links to ready-to-go plans and student activities for the classroom.


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  • Lesson Ideas Religion and language: Research and graph the religions practised by people across the world who speak the language you are studying.
  • Lesson Ideas Words in common: Identify words from the language you are studying that are also used in English language conversations eg faux pas, kamikaze.
  • Lesson Ideas Many languages: Conduct a survey to identify languages that are spoken in your school or local community. Graph the results.
  • Lesson Ideas Debate: ‘All Australian students should study a second language throughout their schooling’.



  • Lesson Ideas Indigenous technology: Examine the scientific principles underlying traditional Australian Indigenous technologies eg boomerangs/flight.
  • Lesson Ideas Diverse nature: Look at ways that diversity exists and functions in ecosystems eg coral reef, rainforest, desert.
  • Lesson Ideas Bridging technology: Investigate how technology can help to bring people together and break down barriers.
  • Lesson Ideas Necessity is the mother of invention: Find examples of where cultural practice or religious need has been the catalyst for invention eg the Islamic practice of washing before prayer was a catalyst for the invention of soap.


  • Lesson Ideas Two sides to every story: Write a short account of an event from two or more points of view. What does this tell us about the study of history?
  • Lesson Ideas Connection to country: Explore Indigenous Australian spirituality regarding connection to land. How does this differ from non-Indigenous notions of relationship to land? What impact did these beliefs have during the colonisation of Australia?
  • Lesson Ideas Songs in history: Collect the lyrics of songs that have been popular in Australia at different times over the last 100 years. How does each song portray diversity in Australian society at the time?
  • Lesson Plans Driven out: This is a short activity which can serve as an introduction to the issues that refugees and migrants can face.


Health and physical education

  • Lesson Ideas 24 hour menu: List all the foods that you have eaten in the last 24 hours. What are the origins of each dish you have eaten?
  • Lesson Ideas Food awareness: Investigate the laws and regulations that apply to food labelling in Australia. What are the requirements for importing and exporting fresh foods into and out of Australia?
  • Lesson Ideas Sporting Aussies: Does sport play a role in promoting an inclusive and harmonious community?
  • Lesson Ideas Alternative therapies: Identify some of the alternative medical or health therapies in Australia. Where did they originate?
  • Lesson Ideas Relax: Try some methods of relaxation that are practised in Australia (eg Tai Chi, yoga, meditation). What is their origin?
  • Lesson Plans Stereotypes: A role play style activity that explores the concept of stereotypes and the assumptions that underlie them.


  • Lesson Ideas Tessellations: What is tessellation? Find examples of tessellation from buildings reflecting different cultural and religious heritages in Australia.
  • Lesson Ideas Survey and graph: Design, develop and implement a survey to measure diversity in your school community. Analyse and graph your results.
  • Lesson Ideas Magnificent mathematicians: Identify leading mathematicians from different times and cultures. What have their contributions to mathematics been?

Values education, civics and citizenship education and religious education