Event Everyone Belongs Exhibition

The Women’s & Children Hospital Foundation in partnership with the Australian Migrant Resource Centre presents the exhibition, ‘Everyone Belongs’. The exhibition focuses on families, children and young people, and comes from three visual arts projects coordinated by the Australian Migrant Resource Centre: ‘Photographs from a Suitcase’, ‘UnderXposed’ and ‘Hand in Hand’. The Exhibition portrays the lives of people who have arrived in South Australia as refugees from 2002 until 2014.

‘Photographs from a Suitcase’ features black and white portraits that document the lives of people who recently arrived in Australia from Bosnia. The project was photographed by Andrew Hill.

In ‘UnderXposed’ young photographers and aspiring artists of refugee background and from new communities were assisted to undertake an artistic exploration of their culture, their community and their relationship to the broader Australian population. The images are, above all, of optimistic young people and their family members and friends, positive about their new circumstances and settling into and contributing towards, a new country.

The ‘Hand in Hand’ project was conceived as a means through which young people of refugee background could come together with Indigenous youth and their communities to explore their relationships with family, community and each other’s cultures. Through photography, oral history and performance workshops, these young people were able to empower themselves, using media which gave them a direct voice to break down the stereotypes which act to reinforce their marginalised status.

‘Everyone Belongs’ reminds us that Australia is a vibrant and multicultural country — from the oldest continuous culture of our first Australians to the cultures of our newest arrivals from around the world. Nearly half (49 per cent) of Australians were born overseas or have at least one parent who was, and we identify with over 300 ancestries (ABS 2016 Census Data). Our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths and is at the heart of who we are. It makes Australia a great place to live.

For more information on ‘Everyone Belongs’ please see www.wchfoundation.org.au.



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