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Mandela Mathia

Ultimo, NSW

Tell us a little about how you celebrated Harmony Day I Mandela have performed at multicultural events in the past at school and college.… Read more

Multicultural Folk Show – Harmony Day 2017 at Para Hills Library

Salisbury, SA

Strength in Harmony Read more

Do you know what this is?

Sydney, NSW

This was the question I asked a selection of students as part of five short videos I produced for Harmony Day 2017. Read more

Harmony Day in my host school

Hay, NSW

Harmony Day in my host school was held in March this year. Read more

Bell P – 10 State School

Bell, QLD

Bell P - 10 State School celebrated Harmony Day with a focus on Japanese Sporting activities which involved all students from Prep - Year 10. Read more

2017 Youth Week Films

In celebration of National Youth Week, SBS has launched the second annual SBS National Youth Week Film competition. Read more

Taste of Harmony Experience

Sydney, NSW

I am so excited to share my first ever Taste of Harmony experience with you all. Read more

Bishwobeena – Harmony with Tagore Inc.

Sydney, NSW

"Beauty is truth, truth beautyā€¯ Read more

Newcastle Region Library

Newcastle, NSW

What originally was planned as a small book launch grew into a community wide celebration of diversity. Read more

Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School

Wynn Vale, SA

Our focus for the day was around the understanding that Australia is a vibrant and multicultural country, where everyone belongs and matters. Read more

Peats Ridge Primary School

Peats Ridge, NSW

A small school of only 41 students but we loved celebrating our diverse backgrounds on Harmony Day. Read more

Harmony Art Collective

Darling Quarter, Sydney

Open your eyes, your mind, and your heart with the Harmony Art Collective, a venture that took a year to create. Read more

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