Bishwobeena – Harmony with Tagore Inc. Sydney, NSW

Tell us a little about how you celebrated Harmony Day

Bishwobeena—Harmony with Tagore Inc. has been working diligently to fill the gap of a formalized Tagore Centre in Australia. As an organization it always voiced a message of virtue, selflessness, compassion and humanity through the literary and musical creation of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore and other iconic individual of Bengali and world literature. Their latest venture Bishwobhora Pran (One Earth One Life –A tale of Harmony) was staged on Sunday the 19th of March in Quakers Hill Community Centre to commemorate Harmony Day in Australia.

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty”, this utterance of John Keats has transcended time and geographical boundaries and has become a fundamental corollary of human society. Realizing beauty in its many forms- physical, moral, social, spiritual or environmental, has been a persevering pursuit that man has been striving for through centuries. However, the evil in its in its various malignant and nefarious forms has always been a concomitant challenge. Violence against humanity, destruction against nature, and discrimination against individuals on the basis of religion, cast and gender, are some of the malignant vileness and monstrosity that have always challenged humanity and still continues to do so.

Individual concerts may not radically change societies overnight: They do however have the potential of imbibing seeds of positive social responsibility and attitudes in the minds of people. “One earth one life—a tale of harmony”, is a concert with a difference .The script combined pieces and compositions from stalwarts of both east and west ranging from Rabindranath Tagore to Bob Dylan and intend to spread the kernels of of love, care and concern for all beings and will herald the importance of humanity.

The concert has presented elocutionist Samya Karpha from Kolkata for the first time in Australia. Samya is a disciple of legendary elocutionist Bratatai Bandopadhyay and as a young promising artist he has made his own mark in the field. The Sydney concert was no difference. He has scripted, directed and appeared as the major performer in the show. He was well supported by 25 local amateurs belong to the Bishwobeena—Harmony with Tagore group, majority of whom are children.

Who were your partners?

  • Elocutionist Samya Karpha from India
  • Local Community
  • Community newspapers and blogs
  • Sponsors and local businesses

What was most memorable about your Harmony Day celebration?

The one and half hour show was a pioneer in many ways. It was a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary presentations combining many different art forms in one platform embedded in the nice thread of a storyline. The script was rich, Samya’s performance was brilliant, the music team was equally compatible and the choreography was excellent. But the highlight of the show was a spectacular performance from 15 children presenting authentic traditional dance as well as contemporary choreographic presentation of modern poetry which Sydney has not witnessed before. Most probably for the first time in Australia there has been a symbolic Briksharopon (tree plantation) on stage in authentic Shantiniketan style which Tagore initiated in his time. It portrayed a symbol of life, renewing hope and a new beginning. The show was more than houseful. A highly culturally inclined audience expressed their satisfaction over a memorable and exceptional evening not to be forgotten for a longtime.

Story written by

Nilanjana Sinha

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