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Tell us a little about how you celebrated Harmony Day

One of our Year 6 students, Brigitte Knight wrote this poem called Diversity;-

Our diversity makes Australia a great place to live
For our country has a lot to offer and give.
To be diverse is to be different, unique
To be yourself, and free to speak.

Harmony Day celebrates that everyone belongs
A day we come together to sing each other’s songs.
Diversity is the ability to look at someone else
Realise that they are different, yet no different to yourself.

Embracing diversity says yes, I know you’re different from me
But we all have the right to be different you see.
It’s not a crime to follow your culture
For we all help mould society, like a sculpture.

Our many differences shape a diverse community
In that we are many, yet one, in our unity.
We must take pride in our similarities and differences
For we are, all one, despite our appearances.

Someone once wrote of a wide brown land
But to me our colours, are not that bland.
Australians let us all rejoice
In our wide brown land full of colour and choice.

Story written by

Narelle Lloyd

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