Corowa Community Garden Corowa, NSW

Tell us a little about how you celebrated Harmony Day

Hello! My name is Shirla Wall, I live in Corowa and I came up with idea to have a celebration of our cultural diversity on Harmony Day at the Corowa Community Garden. Everyone was asked to bring a plate to share, we played a Japanese game of “Marble with Chopsticks” and did some Greek dancing. I believe that we have “many cultures/one community”.

Who were your partners?

The Corowa Community Hub assisted my efforts by creating the advertising and promoting the day. The members of the Corowa Community Garden assisted with the event on the day.

What was most memorable about your Harmony Day celebration?

Where I come from in Singapore my traditional dish is “Chilli Crab”. I wasn’t able to buy a crab in Corowa, so I had to compromise and make “Chilli Chicken”. Everyone loved it even though some complained that it was a bit hot!!

We also had fun dancing Zorba in the Garden!!

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