Harmony Day at Preschool Collaroy Plateau, NSW

Tell us a little about how you celebrated Harmony Day

While at our Preschool we attempt to celebrate cultural diversity on a daily basis, Harmony Day allows us to engage in conversations specifically about inclusion, respect, harmony, helping others, thinking about children around the world and the necessity for all of us to work together to ensure a happy and healthy world. In the lead up to harmony day we invited families to add information to our collaboration book about their cultural heritage and we discovered through this that we have a family who identify as Aboriginal who had not yet shared this fact. This lead to a meaningful conversation about celebrating their Aboriginality with their children.

We wore something orange on the day and the children searched for all things orange in and around the playground and they discussed how orange on Harmony Day makes us think about living in harmony with each other and to care for and help each other in Australia and around the world.We also talked about people being different but needing the same. The book ‘We are one’ by Jennifer Black brought in by one of the children was very well received with it’s beautiful illustrations and messages.

We danced and sang along to the song ‘Round in the ring together’ and we sang the song : Sing a song, sing a song, all the children of the world sing a song…and we shared a little on our Facebook page as well as in the lead up to the day with some of the facts about migration to Australia. We set up an entrance foyer display with a variety of related books and on the weekend one of our staff members participated in Coastrek to raise funds for the Fred Hollows organisation to restore sight to those around the world living in poverty.

What was most memorable about your Harmony Day celebration?

The families and children’s willingness to participate and the connections the children made in their conversations and in their play. The word ‘harmony’ was used quite a lot during the day and children made a point of helping others more than usual!

I loved how the children were rather fascinated by their teacher singing a song in Japanese and their amazement in learning that one of their classmates could speak Czech as well as English. It was also wonderful to see the children searching en masse for all things orange to have a photograph taken of it.

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