Mr Page’s Year 6 Class at Mark Oliphant College Munno Para, SA

Tell us a little about how you celebrated Harmony Day

We created and decorated Harmony Day doves in colours, with words that support the Harmony Day theme. Our whole sub-school then planted our Harmony Day doves between our classrooms to make a “Field of Peace”. We were all encouraged to wear orange to school today. We sang “Imagine” by John Lennon at our building meeting. We also did some literacy activities like “Classmate Comparison”, “Cape of Respect”, “Harmony Day Word Scramble” and “What is Peace?” crosswords. We will also be having a shared lunch together with our year level at eating time. Some of us received Harmony Day ribbons, bookmarks or stickers to use/wear and show our support today. We have had a lot of fun creating all of our doves!

Who were your partners?

Our school leadership, and sporting clubs are also celebrating Harmony Day.

What was most memorable about your Harmony Day celebration?

Not wearing school uniform! 🙂 Wearing Orange. Stressing about not having something orange! :/ Making all our peace doves.

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