Multicultural Folk Show – Harmony Day 2017 at Para Hills Library Salisbury, SA

Tell us a little about how you celebrated Harmony Day

We celebrated through song and dance sharing stories from many different cultures with Dave & Kathy who are “The Multicultural Folk Show”. It was a splendid trip around the world where the audience were able to participate. The show comprised of songs, dances and instruments from many countries including Malaysia, Bangladesh, Ireland and South East Asia. Dave and Kathy have performed all around the world, gathering more stories and music in their travels. They enjoy giving children the cultures of the world through music. It was a perfect day, we gave the children (200) who attended bookmarks. And the adults and teachers ribbons. Everyone really enjoyed the day.

What was most memorable about your Harmony Day celebration?

We invited classes from the school near by. And the Seniors Club who usually meet at the Hall at Para Hills. It was lovely to see the interaction with the students and seniors when participating in some of the dance moves and singing.

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