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Tell us a little about how you celebrated Harmony Day

We held two events for Harmony Day –

Harmony Lunch – parents and community shared lunch, with concert by Andrea Kirwin and Jeff Leonard.

Harmony Concert – as well as Andrea and Jeff, our HARMONY CONCERT included BOLLYWOOD DANCERS, POLYNESIAN HULA DANCING https://www.facebook.com/voyagerparties/ , BRENT MILLER (from GUBBI GUBBI DANCERS) and DAKKHAN THE RAINBOW SERPENT, Tewantin SS ALL-STAR BAND (teachers plus Andrea Kirwin), PARKBENCH UKULELE BAND and much more.

Who were your partners?

The school community. I put a call out and received great support.

See videos of the event, and the HARMONY messages sent in prior to the event here below. Truly amazing. Once on our site check out all of the HARMONY DAY VIDEOS.

Joey Tapau

Harmony message from Murray Island. Joey Tapau – singer songwriter was a teacher aide at Mer State School when Mr Cass was Principal there in 2004-05. On guitar William Bero Jnr and vocals Frank Nagai.This song is called Big City Lights.

Posted by Tewantin State School on Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Harmony message from Komet tribe

Harmony message from Komet tribe of Murray Island, Torres Strait.I was saving this one up, but I'm hoping it inspires more video messages from our local community, as well as from communities further away. Murray Island is 200km off the northern tip of Australia. The language spoken at the beginning is Meriam Mir. With Lesigo Zaro Akee (far right) is, from L-R, Mogee Mabo, Balaga Zaro and Peah Kubub.

Posted by Tewantin State School on Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Agus from Bali Indonesia wishes Tewantin State School students a happy Harmony Day ?

Posted by Tewantin State School on Wednesday, 21 March 2018

What was most memorable about your Harmony Day celebration?

It was our inaugural event. The overwhelming response from parents, teachers and the broader community. See feedback below.
Wow!!! What an amazing production. That was perfect and the atmosphere was incredible

Wow!!!! I am lost for words. You are a natural at hosting events like this. Thank you is not enough. Enjoy your weekend Rick and Trish

I had to pull myself together many times. It evoked so much emotion in the hall. The kids were mesmerised.

Kathy Perry – teacher

That was fantastic! Thank you! We all loved it The Embersons

Awesome effort- Harmony Day was fabulous!! – Katrina Copping, Teacher TSS

I’ve been working here for 25 years – that was the best thing I’ve seen here, seriously. Anna G – teacher TSS

I just want to say thank you so much Mr Cass. As an old music teacher, it brought tears to my eyes. I can’t thank you enough. Retired Canadian music teacher.

Fiona Louise Noë – Mr Cass you should be so proud of how wonderful harmony day turned out to be. In Kendra’s 6yrs at Tewantin state school this was a highlight in showcasing the diversity of multiculturalism and a sense of all belonging to a great community.

Terrific organisation of Harmony Day with loads of passion evident every step of the way.

A very sincere congratulations. Savour the moment….and know your brought smiles to many faces today. Sheldon

Was a great day Thanks to all involved. Karen Venturi, parent.

Kim Riddle – Mr Cass, you did an amazing job!! It was a great day, clearly a lot of work but just beautiful and we are grateful that our kids were able to have that experience!! Thankyou

Helen Butler – Such a beautiful presentation. Well done Mr Cass and everyone who made Harmony Day possible. So proud my children are part of this school community

Such a fantastic concert! The lion looked amazing (as did everything else) Jodie Rose.

Congratulations Rick – what a production! Belinda Huxley – HOSES TSS

Diahann Willmington – parent. Great job Rick! It was an amazing day!! X

Can’t thank you enough for a very special day. It’s harmony in our house tonight! Akeisha Collins – teacher TSS

I’m sure heaps of people have already acknowledged your amazing effort with Harmony Day, hopefully that has also included Trish as well. She definitely should consider a creative career!! I just want to say it was amazing once more!! Cheers Anne – teacher, TSS.

Thanks so much Rick for your unbelievable work and heart that went into this event. Can’t wait for next year! Carly – parent

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Rick Cass

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