Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Harmony Day.

Questions about registrations

Why should I register?

Registering gives you the option of ordering free Harmony Day promotional products to use at your event.

Where do I go to register?

There is a link on our website at Registrations are open in late January each year through until the end of March.

How long will it take to register?

It is a simple process with just a few details about what you are planning, when, where and contact details so we can send you the free product.

Will everyone see my event online?

You can choose to make your event private or public. If you choose public it will appear on the website in our online event directory. By making your event public you are giving more people from your local community the chance to join your celebration.

When do registrations open for 2018?

Registrations will open late January. Make sure you Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter or Instagram to find out the latest Harmony Day news and information.

I registered last year, why do I need to register again?

The only way to receive your free promotional pack is through registering an event each year. Registering allows us to better understand how Harmony Day is celebrated across Australia.

How long before my event do I need to register?

There is no time limit however, if you are ordering a free promotional pack we strongly recommend that you register as early as possible and no later than two weeks prior to your event to ensure that your pack arrives in time. Registrations are open in early January each year through until the end of March.

Why is my registration resulting in an error page?

Sometimes an error occurs when the postcode entered for the event location is incorrect. Please ensure that the postcode is correct for your suburb and is not a PO Box only postcode.

I have made a mistake in my event registration how do I amend it?

Contact the Harmony Day team through the contact us form and we can update your event details.

Questions about promotional packs and products

How do I order Harmony Day products?

In order to receive free promotional product you will need to register an event on our website at Registrations are open in early January each year through until the end of March.

Are there any costs associated with the Harmony Day promotional products?

Harmony Day promotional products are provided free of charge, including postage.

What type of promotional product pack can be ordered and what is in them?

There are five types of packs available. Each event registration is able to select one only from the following pack types:

  • Early childhood pack (Balloons, stickers, posters)
  • School pack (balloons, stickers, posters, ribbons, bookmarks)
  • Community pack (balloons, stickers, posters, ribbons, bookmarks)
  • Business pack (balloons, posters, ribbon, bookmarks)
  • Government pack (balloons, posters, ribbon, bookmarks)

How long do I have to wait for my products to arrive?

Please allow at least 10 business days for your parcel to arrive. Given these timeframes it would be best to order your products as early as possible.

Can I collect the promotional pack from your warehouse?

No. Unfortunately our packs are not available for pick-up. Remember to register early to ensure you receive your pack in time for your event.

My pack arrived but there are not enough resources for all students, can you send more?

The packs are not intended to provide an item for every student. By limiting the number of items we provide in each pack we can ensure that all registered events have the opportunity to receive something promoting Harmony Day. There are other great resources available on our website including DIY products, posters, invitations, factsheets and downloadable graphics.

We would recommend that you visit either schools or recipes webpages. Here you will find tools and resources to help schools with their Harmony Day events. The Schools section of the website also includes interactive games, video footage, lesson plans/ideas.

Questions about digital resources

I would like to use Harmony Day graphics on a poster/flyer for my event. Can I do that and if so, can you email the graphics to me?

Yes you can use our approved Harmony Day images to promote your event. These are available in the resources section on the website along with Online Promotion Kits which have downloadable graphics and tips to help promote events with an online audience.

Can I print my own posters?

Yes! Our resources page contains customisable posters for printing as well as other great resources such as invitations and certificates.

Can you send me a high resolution Harmony Day logo to create my own products?

Yes. Please contact the Harmony Day Team through the contact us form and we can send the logo to you.

Why do you have a date on the poster? We don’t celebrate on 21 March and it is confusing to our audience.

The posters that you receive in your pack are intended to promote the official day which is 21 March. We encourage you to design your own poster to advertise your event using the templates located in the resources section of our website. There are templates both with and without the date available.

I have downloaded the Harmony Day Stories app and would like access the stories through the poster. Where can I download the poster to use with the Harmony Day app?

In previous years an interactive Harmony Day Stories app was available. This is no longer a part of the Harmony Day range, however, we recommend that you visit either schools or recipes webpages where you will find tools and resources to help schools with their Harmony Day activities.

Questions about events

Do you have any ideas for Harmony Day events?

Have a look at our event planning kits and online promotion kits in the resources section of the Harmony Day website. The kits have been tailored for schools, communities, workplaces, sporting clubs and associations and government and include event ideas, tips, templates and graphics to help you get started to promote and celebrate Harmony Day.

Can I hold my event on a different date?

Yes. While the majority of events are held in the week leading up to and after Harmony Day you may hold your event on a date that suits you best.

My organisation/school would like to apply for funding to hold a Harmony Day event. How do we go about this?

There is no funding available for Harmony Day events. We offer Harmony Day supporters, such as schools or organisations, promotional products to distribute to students and people in their community.

Can you provide or recommend a guest speaker or Harmony Day ambassador for my event?

Harmony Day does not have a list of guest speakers or ambassadors available for events. However, you might like to try your local council or Migrant Resource Centre who may be able to assist in putting you in contact with someone who can present at your event. In addition, many volunteer organisations such as Red Cross run mentoring programs and may be able to provide a guest speaker.

Where can I donate money fundraised through my event?

As Harmony Day is an Australian Government initiative, it cannot accept donations. However, you may like to consider a local charity who would welcome the donation.

Why can’t I see my event on your website?

Only events registered as public will be published in the Harmony Day Event Directory. Please allow 48 hours for your event to be published. Please contact us through the contact us form if you would like to change the publication of your event.

How can I find events in my area?

You can search the Event Directory by state or postcode to view public events on our interactive map.

Questions about social media

How should I use social media?

Share your thoughts and photos with us on social media using #harmonyday #everyonebelongs or connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see the fun ways people are getting involved. Online Promotion kits are available to download on the resources page of the website.

How can I share photos and stories from my event?

Use #harmonyday or #everyonebelongs on Social media to share your Harmony Day photos. If you would like to tell us more about how you celebrated, share your story and photos at Share you stories webpage.

Other questions

Is Harmony Day only for schools?

No. Harmony Day is a celebration for everyone. Each year we have schools, workplaces, communities, sporting clubs and individuals getting involved.