Event Planning Kit for Schools

See inspiration, ideas and guides on how to plan your next event. Event Planning Kit

Online Promotion Kit for Schools

This kit gives you all the digital tools needed to promote your event online. Online Promotion Kit

Schools Education is a key focus for Harmony Day

Communicate the importance of cultural diversity – encourage values, promote participation and provide some fun ways to learn.

Download these files that align our Harmony Day teaching activities with the Australian Curriculum for each year level to assist with planning and teaching about Harmony Day in your classroom.

Please note that possible teaching strategies for each teaching activity were considered in the preparation of these documents and every effort has been taken to ensure the content is accurate. Refer to the Australian Curriculum website for more detail about the content descriptors.

Alignment of Resources to Australian Curriculum

Recipes for Harmony

Introducing children to amazing people, cultures and foods in an interactive and educational way. Recipes for Harmony

Young Australians Talk

What do young Australians have to say about Australia's cultural diversity?

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