Lesson plans

Under each curriculum area, you will find detailed and ready-to-go lesson plans to download and use in your classroom.

Early childhood

Lesson Plan – Listen In

Listening and questioning skills

Prepares students to use effective listening and questioning skills during a visit from a guest speaker from another culture.

Lesson Plan – Heads Up

Discussion and craft

To introduce students to the diversity of headwear and the purpose and significance of these in a multicultural society.

Lesson Plan – Musical Moods

Music appreciation and interpretation through visual art

Allows students to respond to music from different cultures through abstract line drawing.

Lesson Plan – What Shape is That?

Shape and clay/plasticine modelling

Students develop an awareness of different places of worship and the shapes in their architecture through this hands-on activity.

Lesson Plan – Games around the world

Investigation, discussion and play

Students learn that the games of yesterday are similar to the games played today and play traditional games that enabled children to acquire survival skills.


Lesson Plan – Anh’s story

  • In Understanding Anh students explore some of the emotions Anh experiences as she considers her cultural identity.
  • In Many stories museum students research their family’s heritage and contribute to a classroom ‘museum’.
  • In Everyone belongs students think about diversity in the Australian community, and create a script for a television advertisement that portrays this diversity.

Lesson Plan – Body Decorations

Discussion, design and drawing

Students learn why people from a range of cultures decorate their bodies and are introduced to Indian (Hindu) customs of henna hand painting.

Lesson Plan – Marvellous Mosaics

Cooperation, collaboration and craft

Familiarises students with mosaic art as found in Muslim mosques and other cultural buildings, and provides a metaphor for diversity and unity.

Lesson Plan – Our Diverse Classroom

Questioning and discussion

Students build relationships through the exploration of the diverse backgrounds and experiences of their classmates.

Lower Secondary

Lesson Plan – Kofi’s story

  • In The power of symbols students will explore some of the imagery within the text of Kofi’s story.
  • In Refugees in Australia students will investigate changes to Australia’s immigration policies and explore ways to support migrants and refugees.
  • In Everyone can be a lifesaver students create a visual text to communicate this message to the diverse Australian community.

Lesson Plan – Discuss It

Discussion and listening skills

A useful way to stimulate discussion on a range of cultural diversity issues and develop constructive discussion skills.

Lesson Plan – Stereotypes

Role play, questioning and discussion

A role play style activity that explores the concept of stereotypes and the assumptions that underlie them.

Lesson Plan – Driven Out

Hypothetical scenario and discussion

This is a short activity which can serve as an introduction to the issues that refugees and migrants can face.

Lesson Plan – Culture, Race & Ethnicity

Understanding concepts: reading, recording and reassessing

Students are introduced to these concepts and how they differ from each other, then apply them to their own experiences.

Lesson Plan – Popular Culture & Diversity

Reading, listening and interpretation of song lyrics

Students explore themes of cultural diversity through the lyrics of popular songs.