Get Involved You can get involved

​​Celebrate our cultural diversity by living the Harmony Week message everyone belongs in your workplace, community, school, sporting group, local councils and state governments.​


Communicate the importance of cultural diversity – encourage the values of respect, equality and freedom and promote participation and provide some fun ways to learn.


Bringing communities together through sport, food, music and entertainment plays an important role in promoting our cultural diversity.


Be it the pitch, the court, the field or the water – sport transcends culture. Sport unites us through a shared common goal.


Your workplace is the perfect place for you to join together with your staff and networks to celebrate Australia’s multicultural diversity and connect with one another no matter your background.


Within governments or councils, celebrate the cultural diversity of staff by holding workplace morning teas or other internal events. Promote our values of respect, equality and freedom and connect communities through a sense of belonging.